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Set to Yes to make this chatbot live for your users to use. Set this to No to disable the chatting functionality. If set to No, your chatbot users will see a message that the chatbot is currently disabled.
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Supplemental prompt
Optional. You can provide additional commands here to tweak your chatbot's experience. This prompt will be used together with Majic AI's internal base prompt. Combined, these prompts form the basis of how your chatbot interacts with your users.

Message displayed when no answer is found:
Sometimes your sources will not have enough information to a specific question. Enter here the reply you wish your users to receive when this happens. Some prefer to add information on how to contact support by email in this line.

Remove Majic.AI branding from chatbot
Notify of every new chat thread by email
If turned on, we’ll email you whenever a new chat thread is started with a summary and link to the full thread. Emails go out after 5 minutes of idle session time. Please note: chat sessions performed by you in the admin panel are not included in notifications.
Allowed Domains
Optional. If you only use specific domains, we recommend to enter them here. When this is filled, your chatbot will not work from any other domain or personal test page except the ones that you listed here. Leave this empty if you wish to allow any domain to host your chatbot. Use a space or enter key to enter multiple domains.

Host this chatbot with a public alias?
Enable this if you wish us to host a public version of this bot on This is in addition to hosting the chatbot on your own websites. Paid customers can choose their own alias if it is still available.
Rate limiting
Allow no more than    requests per    seconds
recommended values are 10 requests per 120 seconds.
Message displayed when limit reached: